Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator


At Impression Systems our mission is to be world-class welding manipulators suppliers in India for manufacturing sector & make their automation process competitive with Robotics & Automation solutions.

In welding work, positioners are an essential aid in increasing working flexibility, productivity, and quality, not to mention labour motivation. Welding manipulators or welding positioners achieve this objective by making the orientation of workpiece that is to be welded in proper welding position or a position that makes access of torch, in this case, easier & automated.

These manipulators are mostly induction motor driven in case of manual welding, while they are servo motor driven in case of robotic or automated welding.



  • The motorized movement of the component makes alignment of the component (i.e. to be weld) easy with quick orientation.
  • Impression Systems positioners main advantage of is that work-pieces can always be set up to the best possible welding positions eliminates the need for repetitive clamping, de-clamping of component & other handling equipment like cranes. As a result, welding productivity can be raised.
  • Welding manipulators provide precise & rigid positioning of workpieces to help properly align the welding arc that can't be achieved in the case of manual positioning.
  • Help reduce worker fatigue & safety and thus increase output.


  • Welding positioners enable large, bulky or awkward workpieces to be accurately positioned to achieve the ‘down hand’ welding position without the need for overhead cranes or additional manpower or handling equipment.
  • The 'down hand' welding position is essential to achieve efficient welding procedures, maximize deposition rate and meet the welders demand for fast, safe and efficient production requirements.

Types of welding manipulators:

  • Tilt type Manipulator.
  • Turn type manipulator.
  • Tilt, Turn and Lift type manipulator.
  • Tilt and Turn type manipulator.
Technical Specifications:
Capacity 1 Ton to 50 Tons
Drive Motorized with VFD control for all motions
Operation Manual
Rotation 359° or Continuous 360°Rotation type
Tilt 135° Maximum
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