Material Handling

Automated Material Handling Supplier in India


What Is Automated Material Handling?


In modern manufacturing plants, Automated Material handling serves the function of moving the material precisely from one workstation to other workstation at the right time, in the right amount & in sequence, and in the right condition to decrease production costs in short it is the art and science of moving, packing and storing of substances in any form.


Objective of Material Handling Automation:

  1. The foremost objective is to reduce the number of handlings as well as the overall cost of material handling equipment and reducing the distances through which the materials are handled.
  2. Improves working conditions and greater safety for labour in the movement of materials.
  3. Higher productivity at lower manufacturing cost.
  4. It eliminates inefficient material handling by avoiding product damages.
  5. Increases storage capacity through better utilization of storage areas.
  6. Ultimately reduces manufacturing cycle time.
  7. Reduction in manufacturing cycle time results in reduced work -in- progress inventory costs.
  8. Promotes productivity.

Need for Automated Material Handling solutions:

  1. Efficient material handling is important to manufacturing operations. Materials sent by vendors must be unloaded, moved through inspections and production operations to stores and finally to the shipping department.
  2. These movements do not add value to the product, but they do add value to the cost
  3. Multiple studies conducted in different industries indicate that the cost of handling alone accounts for about 20-25% of total manufacturing costs.
  4. It is usually found that each part is handled 50-60 times while it moves through the chain of the manufacturer. Expressed in tons, it is found that on an average 59 times of material are handled for every ton of finished product.
  5. It consumes a major share of the time involved in the operation. Improvement in handling means faster production, higher plant capacity, lower stock in process, less damage to the product and components in each stage. It influences the efficiency and cost manufacturing and Increase productivity and improving cash flow.
Extent of Material Handling Automation in Different Field:

Manufacturing: Manufacturing is the largest single field for applications of material handling automation where a wide range of materials handling equipment's are used in welding automation, automated production lines & logistics automation.


Processing: Processing requires handling of bulk materials (like gases, liquids, semi-liquids, and bulk solids). Special handling problems affect plant design.


Logistics: With booming E-commerce in second-tier Indian cities like Pune, Automated material handling is becoming the most anticipated sector for automation & robotics for faster goods deliveries & supply chain refinement.