Industrial Cranes

Industrial Cranes

Industrial cranes are used widely in various industries from manufacturing, construction projects, shipyards, containers. With different applications, these cranes designed for specific jobs and functions.

Industrial EOT Cranes

EOT Cranes are overhead cranes most commonly used type of cranes in manufacturing and heavy industries. These cranes are used to lift or lower loads and to move heavy materials during daily operations.

Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes are one of the largest cranes in the world capable of hoistings some of the heaviest loads in the world more than 20,000 metric tones of load!A gantry crane bridge is fixed to big-wheeled legs at each end, creating a mobile structure, and one or more hoists travel along the beam.

Dock Crane

Dock Crane also is known as Container Crane / Port Crane. These cranes are manufactured with robust design and combine compactness with safety. This crane features enabled them to lift big weight, has wide work scope, stable operation, safety and reliability.

Jib Crane

Jib cranes are commonly used in industrial fabrication (production), manufacturing, and maintenance operations where raw materials and parts need to move in a circular or semi-circular area of coverage. Jib cranes consist of a hoist that travels along with a single boom, usually an I-beam or square steel tube. This boom is then fastened to a wall or a floor-mounted column and revolves in a circular or semi-circular path.